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  • Professional Boundaries for Caregivers
  • Member Safety and Risk
  • ContinuUs Email Use Policy
  • Intepreters and Translators
  • Family Care and Medicaid

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Professional Boundaries for Caregivers

The March-April 2012 ContinuUs provider meetings included training on Professional Boundaries for Caregivers. At the request of providers, we are making this presentation available here for providers to use with their staff. Click here for PDF slides document. Click here for PowerPoint presentation.

Member Safety and Risk

ContinuUs care management units utilize a process which promotes the health and safety of members while respecting the “dignity of risk”—the member’s right to refuse services or engage in risky behaviors. Please refer to ContinuUs Policy CM 16.2, Risk Assessment & Risk Reduction, for more information.

ContinuUs Email Use Policy

Email is a business communication tool and ContinuUs associates and business partners are obliged to use this tool in a responsible, effective and lawful manner. The  ContinuUs Business Partner Email Use Policy contains details about legal risks and requirements, best practices, confidentiality, and system monitoring when using email to communicate with ContinuUs. In particular, providers should be careful not to use any personal identification information within the subject line or body of an email message. This includes but is not limited to social security number, full member name, Medicaid or Medicare numbers, and combination of address and full member name.

Interpreters and Translators

ContinuUs members receive equal access to services, regardless of physical or communication limitations. (See our Access Policy.) Providers who are unable to provide full physical access to members because of structural issues are still responsible for needed spoken or sign language interpreters for their residents. See the Wisconsin Department of Health Services website for an Interpreter Directory and a list of Wisconsin Interpreting Referral Agencies.

Family Care and Medicaid

A list of items covered in the Family Care Benefit Package is available at See Addendum XII: Benefit Package Service Definitions in the 2011 MCO Contract for complete definitions of Family Care Benefit services.

ForwardHealth is the Medicaid Management Information System for the state of Wisconsin. See the Provider Resources page for links to a variety of resources and tools. For general questions about Medicaid/BadgerCare billing and covered services, you can call Medicaid Provider Relations at 800-947-9627.