Electronic Filing and Payment Options

We encourage our providers to take advantage of electronic claim filing and payment options to improve claim accuracy and decrease the length of time between submitting a claim and receiving the payment. Basic information about electronic options is provided below. You can also visit the WPS Page for Community Link Providers for forms, instructions, and support related to electronic options for your Community Link (CLI) claims and payments.

Click here for a printable summary of all claim submission and payment options.

Electronic Claim Filing

MS Excel Spreadsheet

Upload claim data for authorized services through a WPS secure Move-It account. This option is designed for providers who have basic knowledge of and access to Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice.org.

For more information and to sign up, contact WPS at FCWPS@wpsic.com. Include your business name, a contact person and contact phone number, and indicate that and that you are working with Community Link, Inc.

PC-Ace Pro 32 Software

PC-Ace is a software package that creates a patient database allowing you to electronically enter patient, claim, and procedure file information. It also creates a summary report of the claims you submit electronically. This software is provided by WPS at no cost. If you are a new submitter you will also need to Register for a WPS Trading Partner number and complete an EDI Agreement.

To get started go to www.wpsic.com/edi/pcacepro32.shtml#installs or contact WPS for assistance at 1-800-782-2680, option 1.

Electronic Claim Payment

Electronic Funds Transfer (Direct Deposit) for Claim Payments

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) enables your payment from WPS to be deposited into your checking or saving account. To sign up go to www.wpsic.com/edi/edi-forms.shtml and click on Online EFT Enrollment. If you do not have online access, contact WPS EDI Marketing at 1-800-782-2680, Option 2.

Electronic Remit Advice (Payment Explanation)

The quickest and most efficient way to receive your Provider Remittance Advice (PRA) is through ERA, which is an electronic version of a payment explanation. This replaces the paper copy you would receive in the mail. When you sign up for EFT and ERA, you will find out about your payment about two days prior to the funds transfer.

To begin using ERAs go to www.wpsic.com/edi/edi-forms.shtml and click on Online ERA Enrollment.