What Are Self-Directed Supports?

Self-Directed Supports (SDS) is an option within the Family Care program that is offered to ContinuUs members on a bi-annual basis. Choosing SDS means you have the opportunity to have more say in how and from whom you receive your long-term care services. It is an option you can use if you want to have more responsibility and be more involved in the direction of your own services. Participation in the SDS option within Family Care is voluntary.

Though frequently used for in-home care, SDS can also be used for services received outside of the home. For example, you may choose to self direct personal care services at your work place. However, it is important to know that SDS cannot be used for residential care services or nursing home services.. You can choose how much you want to participate in SDS. It is not an “all or none” approach. You can choose to self direct one, several, or nearly all of your supports and services. For example, you could choose to self-direct services that help you stay in your home, but then have your Team arrange for and manage services aimed at other outcomes in your care plan.

If you choose SDS, you will work with your Team to determine what supports and services you need to help you achieve your outcome. The Team will work with you to help you decide how much control over these services you want. Depending upon how much control you want, the team will work with you to determine a budget for services. Then you may manage the services within that budget, either directly or with the help of another person you choose. Having control over how funding is spent, also comes the responsibility for staying within a budget. Choice and control enable members to: purchase the supports they need; pay only for the supports and services they get; spend their budget money efficiently; explore alternatives to paid supports; and adjust their supports to changing needs and capabilities. Using SDS, the member is responsible for the portion of his/her care plan that they have chosen to self direct, including the appropriate and legal use of the funds allocated for the services and goods provided.

If you are interested in learning more about SDS, please ask your Team for more information.