The Quality Department

The Quality Department, through its monitoring and improvement efforts, strives to maintain and improve the quality of long-term care services and supports for ContinuUs members. The department is also responsible for activities that contribute to the maintenance or improvement of members’ health and safety.

Discovery is the process of collecting data and direct participant experiences in order to assess the ongoing performance of the program and identifying strengths and opportunities for improvement. ContinuUs also uses this function to identify what we’re doing well and build upon these successes. In Family Care, data are gathered from many sources to aid us in this process. Some of the sources for obtaining data at ContinuUs are:

  • Member Satisfaction Surveys
  • Unintended Event Reports
  • Internal File Reviews
  • Provider performance
  • Grievances and Appeals
  • Member Complaints

The Quality Department’s function is guided by three documents that are updated annually—the Quality Program Description, the current year’s Quality Work Plan, and the written evaluation of the prior year’s Quality Work Plan. The prior year’s evaluation, after assessing the effectiveness of our efforts, becomes the foundation for creating the work plan for the current year.